MOXXOR Omega-3
We believe MOXXOR Omega-3 to be the purest, most potent, and effective omega-3 supplement available today. Compared to fish oils and alternative omega-3 supplements, MOXXOR Omega-3 is superior in every respect.

MOXXOR Omega-3 is a pure & natural supplement from New Zealand, which contains 3 ingredients;

  • Greenlip Mussel Oil (Omega-3)
  • Kiwifruit Seed Oil (Vitamin E)
  • Sauvignon Blanc Grape Seed Oil

The 3 ingredients are encapsulated in a small capsule made from natural bovine gelatin.

MOXXOR Omega-3 contains NO excipients or fillers.

MOXXOR Omega-3 naturally contains the following powerful nutrients:

  • A complete complex of all known Omega-3’s in at least 18 different bioavailable forms
  • Other vital PUFA’s
  • All 8 forms of natural Vitamin E that are proven to work synergistically with Omega-3’s
  • Oleic Acid
  • Folate
  • Vitamin K
  • Various antioxidants including lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, carotenoids

MOXXOR Omega-3 formula and process are proprietary to the company.

Each bottle contains 60 softgel capsules, with a recommended daily dose of 2 capsules per day.

Our MOXXOR Omega-3 Ingredients
Greenlip Mussel Oil
MOXXOR Omega-3 contains an exceptionally pure and potent oil of omega-3 fatty acids from the New Zealand greenlip mussel (Perna canaliculas), a species found nowhere else in the world. The New Zealand Greenlip Mussel contains a full spectrum of 18 omega-3’s, in contrast to a fractionated extract of just one or two omega-3’s. This unique source of omega-3 is absolutely pure and toxin-free. It is a complete whole food supplement and has been proven to be substantially more effective than other omega-3 oils on the market.
Kiwifruit Seed Oil
The vitamin E contained in the MOXXOR Omega-3 supplement comes from the seed of the New Zealand kiwifruit. It is a powerhouse of phytonutrients. This vital ingredient is a full-spectrum vitamin E.

Sauvignon Blanc Grape Seed Oil
The Sauvignon Blanc Grape Seed Oil contained in the MOXXOR Omega-3 supplement is sourced from vineyard’s in the Marlborough Sounds region of New Zealand. The antioxidant properties of our grape seed oil are exceptionally potent and include many protective phytonutients.

Why take MOXXOR Omega-3?
Omega-3 fatty acids contain vital nutrients for human and animal health. Principally derived from marine sources, they are essential for the health of each and every cell in the body. Omega-3’s greatly assist our overall health and well being.

The typical modern diet is very low in omega-3’s, while being extremely high in omega-6’s (all plant oils), thus creating an imbalance of these important nutrients. This imbalance is known to affect the inflammatory responses of the body, which in turn leads to many chronic disease conditions.

A deficiency of Omega-3 affects the organs and systems of the body at a fundamental level—and can manifest in a wide variety of ways. When this imbalance is present (as is the case for most of us), omega-3’s function as powerful therapeutic agents. By helping to maintain a state of well-being, they are one of most important preventative nutrients we can consume.
How is MOXXOR Omega-3 different?
Omega-3’s exist in many forms. MOXXOR Omega-3, being a natural oil from the New Zealand greenlip mussel, contains ALL known omega-3’s, not simply one or two, like most products. This whole food form makes MOXXOR Omega-3 far more potent and bioactive, even when taken in smaller doses.

The addition of a complete-spectrum of vitamin E from the kiwifruit seed oil, and the natural oil from the Sauvignon Blanc grape seed, complement the omega-3’s in a very powerful way.

These nutritional powerhouse plants provide all eight natural forms of vitamin E (all 4 tocopherols and all 4 tocotrienals), and an extremely potent spectrum of free-radical scavenging antioxidants (including OPC’s, folate, lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin). MOXXOR Omega-3’s formula is therefore totally unique and extremely potent.

These components are in a whole and unadulterated form that the body recognizes and easily assimilates. All of this complex, whole-food synergy is found in one small MOXXOR Omega-3 capsule.

Our Environment
New Zealand’s environment is truly unique—a pristine land far from the industrialized centers of the world.

It has a unique ecosystem that receives a higher dose of solar radiation than many other areas of the earth. This feature of the ecosystem creates plant life that is especially high in nutrients and antioxidants—a reaction to the intensity of solar radiation.

These facts, coupled with New Zealand’s protection of its already clean environment—through stringent oversight and regulation of its agricultural and marine industries—has created the perfect conditions for us to deliver products of unparalleled purity and naturalness to our global customers.

MOXXOR is dedicated to bringing health-promoting products to the world— products that capture the purity and potency of this special corner of our planet.

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